2 Really Quick Ways To Reduce Conflict and Improve Communication in Your Team

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f7c7371f8fe62f3c299f8acb603004a1Here are two great ways to reduce conflict and improve communication in your team.

1. Start Doing, Stop Doing, Continue Doing

This is a fantastic little process to improve communication and reduce conflict in a non-confrontational environment. In your next team meeting, ask each team member to divide their paper into 3 sections. Title each section, Start Doing, Stop Doing, Continue Doing!

First, under the heading start doing, everyone list one thing the team should start doing, this could be a new initiative, a new idea or something that’s not been happening in recent times.

Next, under stop doing list one thing that needs to end. This might be a process or could be a team behaviour or disposition.

Finally, continue doing.  Ask everyone to list something that they’ve observed, which they think is great and should continue.

Ask everyone to read out their 3 statements and have a discussion about moving forward!

2. Drawing

Drawing is a great non-confrontational way to help team members reflect how they build positive relationships with each other. In a team meeting, hand out some drawing paper and ask the team to divide their paper into 3 sections.

In the first section ask them to draw an animal that represents how they operate in their team.

In the second section as them to draw an animal of how they think their team see’s them.

In the third section have the team draw an animal which they feel represents them.

You’ll end up with some amazing animals! Often the 3 animals are very different, this is a great launch pad into discussing how people operate and are perceived in the team. Have a quick discussion about whether the 3 animals on the page have similar or dissimilar characteristics and why.

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