Rewarding Great Performance

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I was in Newcastle last week with a great team of Educators. I began to reflect on the best ways to reward hard work. Rewards need to be linked to job performance; they should be a ‘thank you’ for a job well done.  If they are not linked they become an expectation and the motivational qualities are negated.

6 ways you can rewards your Educators for a job well done.

  1. Extra Programming Time
  2. A Voucher For Their Room
  3. Programming From Home
  4. Promotion
    • WHS Coordinator
    • Nominated Supervisor
    • Educational Leader
    • Systems Champion
    • Social Coordinator
    • Leadership Team
    • Sustainability Coordinator
    • Indigenous Champion
    • Innovation Coordinator
  5. Pay Rise
  6. Professional Development Training

The best reward is to acknowledge hard work with a promotion.

Case Study

This Educator was a passionate gardener and we promoted her to the role of ‘Sustainability Coordinator’.  She attended gardening workshops and sustainability conferences. During her additional time off the floor she liaised with local agencies to have water tanks installed and create partnerships where the service could use paper off-cuts from local businesses.  She created an herb and vegetable garden and mentored other staff in sustainability-learning experiences. She involved parents in cooking demonstrations, create a compost bin and started a worm farm.

If you know what motivates your team, rewards can be both, motivating for the individual and beneficial for the service.

Do you want to find out more about performance reviews and using rewards to motivate staff?

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