Spend Money On Educators Not Resources!

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Are your Educators actively engaged at work? How much emotional commitment do they display to the goals of the service?

Did you know learning outcomes for children could increase dramatically if leaders invest in motivating and engaging their Educators?

56% of Educators are disengaged and over 13% are, actively disengaged.1 This means the majority of educators are not committed to their role. Ideally we’d love educators to be involved, enthusiastic and contribute positively to the service.

A Canadian study in 2010 asked staff “what can your leaders do more of to improved engagement?” 58% responded, “Give more recognition!”Recognition comes in a whole variety of forms, including rewards, extra responsibility and peer-to-peer feedback.

When companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition, 85% of leaders see a positive impact on engagement. 3 Traditionally allocating money away from children’s resources to reward staff has been taboo. This is slowly changing as leaders recognise that engaged staff, leads to better learning outcomes for children.

Spending more on recognition doesn’t mean paying bonuses. It might mean diverting money for relief staff to allow your high performer to take some time off the floor and mentor a new starter. It could be recognising someone’s effort in incorporating sustainability in their program and providing them with a gift card to use at a garden store.

I work with a group of Educators who are so engaged they take the children for nature walks and collect natural learning resources to be used in the service. Much more cost effective then buying over priced, commercial ‘natural’ resources from a catalogue.

If you spend money on engaging Educators, you’ll end up with motivated, passionate, and inspired educators that create their own learning resources, sounds like a win-win to me! Recognise and reward your Educators and see their engagement soar!

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