Are Your Educators Engaged In Your Service?

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Farran StreetEngagement refers to how much emotional commitment an individual has to their work. For Educators, it’s about connecting with children, families, their colleagues and their work.

As managers and leaders, we need to create an environment where employees are motivated to achieve workplace outcomes.

Research has demonstrated that engaged Educators are more collaborative, more loyal and better equipped to solve problems. Likewise, teams of engaged Educators are more innovative, more productive and more energised. These teams have lower employee turnover, and are committed to quality educational outcomes.

Alternatively, disengaged educators are lazy, self-interested and negative. They undermine others by being overly critical, they fail to complete tasks on time, and they often alienate families.

A recent Gallup Poll showed that 56% of educators are disengaged. Disengaged employees are more inclined to take sick days. Every sick day costs a provider approximately $385 in lost revenue. To put this in perspective, just one disengaged educator is costing you over $1100 each year in sick leave.

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