3 Steps To Creating Superstar Educators! Part 1

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1. Be clear about the behaviours / attitude you expect.

To create Superstar educators, leaders need to be clear about how they want their team to act.

Behaviours such as initiative, creativity, empathy, collaboration, and innovation are all important attitudes to creating superstar educators.

Take the time to clearly set the bar, state your expectation in a clear and positive way. You have the best chance of building a superstar team if you are specific about the behaviours you’d like them to demonstrate.

Job descriptions do a poor job of setting expectations. They only refer to the tasks involved. Behavioural expectations allow you to set the goal posts about how you expect people to act.

Here are 6 behavioural expectations used by great services.

  1. Display initiative, take responsibility and makes things happen
  2. Embrace empathy to develop a strong family focus
  3. Love learning and developing others
  4. Work together to build cooperative, collaborative teams
  5. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  6. Creative, innovative and fun-loving

No more will you have high performers who display bad attitudes. These behavioural expectations become the centre of your solar system, they guide you on how to hire, fire and reward great performance.

Click here to find sample behaviours

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