3 Steps To Creating Superstar Educators! Part 2

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Farran Street

2. Demonstrate the behaviours you want repeated.

If you’re asking your team to be “creative innovative and fun loving.” It’s going to be confusing to your team if your running boring, negative meetings.

The behaviours your expecting needs to be concurrent with behaviours you’re demonstrating. Creative innovative and fun loving leaders promote an environment where creative, innovative and fun loving behaviours thrive.

Case study

Objective: Wanting Educators to get to know the children from the other rooms

Behaviours: Creative, Innovative and Fun-Loving.

Experience: Each member of staff is allocated a child from a room other than their own. They have one month to get to know this child, after which they sit with the educators from that room and talk about the child without mentioning names or obvious visible definers. The educator’s guess which child is being talked about to see how well the educator got to know them.

This is a simple, creative, innovative and fun loving way to improve relationships.



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