Five Great Ways To Motivate Your Team

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Farran Street

Here are five ideas to give your educators a sense of belonging. Even better, it will also improve performance.

  1. Backyard blitz

Break your staff up into teams. Each team gets a $50 budget to spend at Bunnings. The challenge … ‘create the best indoor learning environment based on sustainability!’ The winning team gets to choose – either a juice truck, ice cream truck or coffee cart visits the centre. Everyone shares in the prize.

  1. Check your skills week

Identify some of the core skills your educators should have and create a week of challenges.

Idea 1. Wrap a pen in a piece of paper with ‘syringe’ written on it. Leave it in the outdoor area and see how well your educators do their backyard checks!

Idea 2. Create a fake emergency and see how your team reacts.

Idea 3. Call the centre pretending to be a parent. See how much confidential information educators give your dubious concerned parent over the phone.

Idea 4. Check out first aid skills by writing symptoms on a doll and placing it in the babies’ room.

  1. Eye Spy

Grab a Go-Pro or digital camera and set it to take images of the outdoor area every 30 seconds. Print the images or bring them up on a screen and get educators to discuss where they see quality interactions or missed opportunities. Create an amazing discussion about how you can improve interactions in the outdoor area.

  1. Nappy changing Olympics

Need to review your nappy changing procedure? Create nappy changing ‘events’ and challenge each educator to enter. Ideas include the one-handed nappy change, the time-trial nappy change, most interactive nappy change or most stylish nappy change. What alternatives can you think of?

  1. Gratitude week

At the beginning of the week everyone is allocated another member of staff and they’re tasked with doing something nice for that person during the week but without the other person finding out who was being nice to them. Flowers, hugs, thank-you notes, the possibilities are endless! Devious types might want to throw in red herrings by doing something overtly nice to someone who isn’t their chosen beneficiary.

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