Five Beautiful Ways To Build A Sense Of Belonging

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Here are some great experiences to bring staff closer together with children and families; they might also motivate your Educators and improve performance.

  1. Know your parents quiz

This game requires three different levels of prize from OK to good to great. Split your staff into Educators into rooms. Each room nominates an Educator to go first. One of their children’s name is picked from a hat. If the Educator can name one parent, they get the OK prize. Name two parents they get the good prize, name both plus an interest or hobby they have to claim the great prize. P.S cakes make great prizes!

  1. Cooking up a storm

A simple way to improve the food on offer for your children is to challenge each member of staff to bring in a recipe. Get your chef to cook each recipe and have the children vote for the dish they love the most. The educator responsible for the most popular dish wins a dinner voucher to a local restaurant.

  1. The other child

Each member of staff is allocated a child from a room other than their own. They have one month to get to know this child, after which they sit with the educators from that room and talk about the child without mentioning names or obvious visible definers. The Educators then have to guess which child is being talked about to see how well the educator got to know them.

  1. Super-sleuth

Allocate each educator a parent and give them a month to form a close relationship and find out as much information as they can about them. After a month everyone reports back at a staff meeting to see who found out the most information. Prizes can be given for, interests, hobbies, cultural ideas or the juiciest gossip… just hope it’s not too juicy.

  1. Family Feud

A real-life variation on a theme, in that a director surveys 100 families from the service, about their needs, beliefs and desires. Then the staff are split into teams in the time-honoured fashion to see how well they know the families at their service. Questions can be tailored and personalised to the educators or service. “I’ve surveyed 100 families and the top 10 responses are on the board” See if your Educators really know your families!

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