10 Amazing Ways To Spend Your LDCPDP Funding

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Well-managed professional development can be both rewarding and motivating for staff. The key to motivating and rewarding professional development is to ensure it is meeting the overall developmental goals of Educators, the service, EYLF and the NQF.

Here are 10 amazing ways to spend your LDCPDP Funding.

  1. Professional Development Day

The LDCPDP allows you to show your staff that you really care about their professional development. Schedule a Saturday, book an amazing venue, a dynamic presenter, and a BBQ lunch. Be sure that the topics link to your professional development goals and you’re set! Venue hire, travel, catering and speakers are all eligible spend.

  1. Hire a Coach / Mentor

Being in charge can be a lonely place. Ever wish you had someone who can point you in the right direction? A mentor or coach can be that person for you. Whether it is achieving a high performing team or help with managing poor performers, coaching is the most effective way to commit to and achieve your goals. The best part is that your coaching subscription is an eligible spend.

Wish you had the time to coach your junior leaders? Coaching might be an option for them as well.

  1. Appoint a Learning and Development co-ordinator

Don’t have time to sort out all the mess? Want someone to look after your teams’ professional development needs? Perhaps you need to appoint an L & D Co-ordinator.

The role of an L & D coordinator is to work with the service to establish individual development goals, create development plans, and help all staff achieve their goals.

If the L & D co-ordinator is an external independent contractor, they become an eligible spend.

  1. Create a 2 IC and Future Leaders’ Program

Your Room Leaders and 2ic’s are the worker bees of your service. Invest the time to train your Room Leaders with a future leaders program so they can step up to create a strong leadership team. These programs can range from a few weeks to a few months. Invest in your future leaders now, so they can step up and you can breathe easy!

  1. Buy Technology

The LDCPDP allows you to spend up to $3000 on ICT (Information and Communications Technology) devices that relate to professional development. Think Laptop, Ipad, Cameras.

  1. Run a Team Building workshop

Forget boring! Team workshops are a great way to improve communication and reduce conflict. They are also a welcome change to the monthly meeting. Here are is a great example to get you started!

Understanding Yourself and Others

  1. Take your team on a Retreat

Overnight retreats are a great way to super charge your teams’ professional development. Think Hunter Valley in NSW, or Daylesford in VIC. Arrange an agenda, speakers, celebratory dinner, team building activities, and awards. Allow time to reflect on the year gone and plan for the year ahead!

Venue hire, travel, catering, activities and speakers are all eligible spend.

  1. Book a Speaker to come to you

Trainers from interstate are often financially out of reach for many services. The LDCPDP funding makes it possible to bring your favourite speaker, guru or presenter, to you! Most trainers or presenters will book out 3 to 6 months in advance, be sure you plan well ahead to get the best!

  1. Train team by team (during the day)

The worst part of training is often that it has to be done in a large group, out of hours, when everyone’s tired. Now the with LDCPDP funds you can learn the way it’s meant to be done, – in small groups, during working hours. The LDCPDP funds allow you to pay relief staff to cover Educators who are attending training. This gives you the ability to focus on a room or a small group at a time. This means we can customise the training to suit the room. The relief team simply moves through the service relieving each team allowing them to attend the training.

  1. Upgrade your Qualification.

Good at delaying gratification? Then perhaps upgrading your qualifications is for you! Tafe and Universities offer a range of options to help you and your staff achieve the qualifications you’ve always dreamed of.




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