7 Staffing Myths In the Children’s Services Sector

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Myth 4: Leaving a child alone unsupervised is grounds for instant dismissal.

One-off incidents are rarely grounds for instant dismissal. Instant dismissal (summary dismissal) is reserved for the most serious cases of misconduct. Think fraud, theft and other criminal offences.

It is always important to have empathy and assume that your staff member may have not intended to break the rules. If you feel like you need explore the incident more, make sure you conduct a comprehensive workplace investigation, so you can get a complete perspective on the matter.

Who knows, you may discover that they need more training, or better rules to follow!

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* In the above answers we’ve assumed that the employer is covered by the fair work system, which covers most Australian workplaces. This post is not intended to be nor should you rely on the above material on this blog as constituting legal advice. Postings have been prepared for informational purposes only.