7 Staffing Myths In the Children’s Services Sector

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Myth 6: If an educator has injured herself at netball, you need to provide light duties if the doctor states it on a medical certificate.

Not the case! Provision of suitable duties for non work-related injuries is a voluntary arrangement between the employer and injured worker.

If you have concerns about an Educator’s ability to perform duties safely, then supporting medical evidence should be obtained stating they are fully fit for work.

This will ensure your staff gets the rest and recovery they need, whilst having them feel supported and cared for. Then, you can guarantee they are fully fit and ready to work on their return!

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* In the above answers we’ve assumed that the employer is covered by the fair work system, which covers most Australian workplaces. This post is not intended to be nor should you rely on the above material on this blog as constituting legal advice. Postings have been prepared for informational purposes only.