3 Statements We Hear Too Often

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“It’s not my job”, “it’s not my fault” and “it’s not my responsibility!”

Have you heard these statements in your service?

On the surface it appears that these are the catchphrases of poorly performing Educators. However, on closer inspection they are often the symptoms of poorly defined roles and responsibilities.

Educators can only be held accountable when responsibilities and levels of authority are clearly defined and widely understood. Accountability = Responsibility + Authority.

Over a year ago on a trip to Gili Trawangan, I made it to my accommodation travelling by helicopter, moped and donkey. It started me thinking about the tools we use to move our teams forward towards being accountable.

In our workshops, we often look at strategies that leaders can put in place to take their teams from blamelessness to accountability! Strategies they can use to move their team forward.

So, for the past 12 months I’ve been asking my class, “If you were to describe your teams’ accountability, as a mode of transport, what would that mode be?”

Here are some of my favourite responses:


bus BUS – My team is a big bus, I’m driving. There are a few up the front that know where we are going and the rest are up the back waiting to get off.



taxi TAXI – My team is like a taxi. They think work is just a way of getting to where they really what to go.




DRAGON BOAT – My team would be like a dragon boat. Each of them are amazing and each of them paddle in time to the beat of my drum.“



cruiseshipCRUISE SHIP – I think of my team as a cruise ship. Some of my team work very hard, the others just think it’s an opportunity to cruise along.



tandemTANDEM BIKE – My team is like a tandem bike. I’m at the front peddling furiously, they say they’re peddling too, but I’m not so sure!




CRANE – “I love my team. I see them as supporting the children and helping to move the pieces into place”





STEAM TRAIN – My team is like a steam train. Everyone knows their role and everyone is working hard to keep the train steaming head. There are a few stragglers who have just jumped on for a free ride.



skateboardSKATEBOARD – “My team is like a skateboard; interdependent, skilful, and motivated”




SPACE SHUTTLE – My team’s a space shuttle, It’s out of this world!



ufoU.F.O – “My team’s like a UFO; every Monday I’m on the look-out, just hoping they turn up!



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