SUPERHERO Educators. Which one are you?

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At Farran Street Education, we specialise in teaching and training ┬áleaders and Educators, in Children’s Services, to be the best they can be at their job. We know that every Educator has a superpower in them, sometimes they just need to be shown the path to greatness!


Captain Delegator

Captain delegator chooses the right tasks to delegate, identifies the right people to delegate to and delegates in the right way, so she can have more time to propel herself, her teammates and team members to greater heights!


Captain Motivator

Captain motivator saves the day by being a great listener, encouraging others, praising regularly and being dependable in times of need. You can always count on her to keep your team inspired to be the best they can be!


Captain Resolution

Captain Resolution can put out a fire with the click of a finger, using her ability to have great and open discussions. Using her powers to make your staff feel well treated and heard, she can manage any conflict by approaching performance issues and conflicts head on with calm, concise messages and solutions that work for all concerned.


Captain Personality

Captain personality knows and understands that every one of your staff members has their own personality and communication style. She can increase productivity, efficiency and task management by communicating with each and every one of your staff in a unique way that suits them. Captain personality can adapt her style to your staff in a way that will get their attention and inspire them to do their best work in the best way!


Do you wish that you had more of these powers in your service? Do you want to teach your leaders how to be better at managing whilst reducing conflict?

Enrol now in our In-House Leadership Essentials program and empower your leaders with superhero strength to manage motivate and engage their teams. Click here to find out more!