Do your leaders stand out from the crowd?

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Leaders come in many different varieties. Some are loud, gregarious, outspoken and direct. Others are quiet, persuasive and focused on coaching behind the scenes.

Not all great educators make amazing leaders. With the right training and support, many Educators can make the shift to being amazing leaders. For this to happen, they need to be able to manage, motivate and inspire their teams. They need to be a coach, friend, manager and mentor.

It is the leader’s role to create an environment where staff love coming to work. Great leaders make decisions with the team’s best interests in mind and they put the needs of the team ahead of their own so that the team can thrive.

Leaders who stand out from the crowd keep their teams engaged and motivated. They create environments that are inspiring and challenging for Educators.

Amazing leaders are great storytellers! When they give feedback, you feel respected and admired. They delegate to their teams to inspire belief and demonstrate trust.

One leader alone cannot lead the service to greatness. Services need a team of amazing leaders who stand out from the crowd. Room leaders, 2ic’s, Educational Leaders and Nominated Supervisors need to come together to form one united leadership team to inspire their service.

Check out our 7 factors that help leaders stand out from the crowd.

  1. When assigning jobs, they consider people’s skills and interests.
  2. They have high expectations for their team.
  3. They are highly motivated because they know what it takes to be successful.
  4. They create a culture that is inspiring and motivating to them.
  5. They set clear expectations about how the team will communicate, celebrate and make decisions.
  6. They take the time to learn what people need from them so that they can be successful.
  7. They are optimistic about life, set challenges for their team and see beyond temporary setbacks and problems.



About the author:
Adrian Pattra is the Education Director of Farran Street Education. In this role he manages the day-to-day operational and educational outcomes. Adrian has been involved in adult education for the past 15 years, he holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master in Educational Psychology. Adrian has worked with a range of Children Service’s organisations, providing them with the tools to improve their competency and learning frameworks, while creating a culture of continuous learning.  For the past 20 years, Adrian together with his family has a small long day care service on Sydney’s lower north shore.