Character Strengths of Educators and Teachers

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What are the strengths that make you an amazing Educator?

Each one of us has amazing strengths that we use each day in our interactions with children, families and other staff.

Could you imagine a service which focused on celebrating the character strengths of Educators?

Just over 15 years ago a small group of psychologists decided to shift their focus from helping move people past their problems, to focusing on what was right and strong with people.

This simple shift gave birth to the positive psychology movement and the science of Character Strengths.

Today, VIA identifies that there are 24 Character Strengths. They are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave and are the keys to you being your best self.

You can be particularly gifted in one area and weak in another, but if you are like most people, you are often somewhere in between. Your strengths are what make you unique.

You probably use your strengths every day at work, and do so naturally. When you play from your strengths you are likely to feel more energetic and perform better than when you are trying to use a Character Strength that comes less naturally.

Using your Character Strengths at work is the easiest and most effective way to become engaged at work. Your strength becomes the smallest thing that you can do to make the biggest difference.

What are your Top 5 Character Strengths as an Educator?

Knowing your character strengths isn’t just interesting information. When skilfully applied character strengths can actually have a significant positive impact on your life. Research shows that using your character strengths can help you:

  1. Increase your happiness at work
  2. Improve your relationships
  3. Discover a work life balance
  4. Increase your performance at work
  5. Achieve your life goals.

Imagine a world where we all saw strengths. Image looking at your fellow educators and seeing what is right with them as opposed to what is wrong with them. What if we could create a culture where we could spot strengths in others and use them to build relationships?

We need to help each other switch from a lens of weakness to a lens of strengths.

When I look at my Educators, I don’t see Jenny, Room Leader, Diploma. My lens has shifted. I see Jenny, Curious, Humour, Honesty and Zest.

When you start to spot strengths your entire outlook on life changes. You become more positive, more engaged, more fulfilled. When you spot strengths in others, you’re encouraging them to grow.

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About the author:
Adrian Pattra is the Education Director of Farran Street Education. In this role he manages the day-to-day operational and educational outcomes. Adrian has been involved in adult education for the past 15 years, he holds a Bachelor of Education and a Master in Educational Psychology. Adrian has worked with a range of Children Service’s organisations, providing them with the tools to improve their competency and learning frameworks, while creating a culture of continuous learning.  For the past 20 years, Adrian together with his family has a small long day care service on Sydney’s lower north shore.