2018 Professional Development Program

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We’re very excited to launch our Professional Development program for 2018. 

Congratulations, we’re glad you’re here and that you’ve thought of us to support you in your learning journey. We’ve created a range of learning programs designed to inform, inspire and ignite your thinking.

Farran Street Education delivers learning experiences which leave you inspired and full of ideas. Our customised learning solutions are practical, fun and driven by results. We provide fast-paced, easy-to follow learning experiences specifically designed for Children’s Services professionals.

At Farran Street Education, we find that despite being technically strong and having many years of experience in Early Childhood Education, managing, motivating and engaging other educators continues to be the most prominent roadblock to services achieving quality educational outcomes for children. Our programs are designed to support you in this area and help you and your team be the best they can be. Our programs are designed for Educators who are looking to step up into leadership roles or experienced Leaders looking to refine their practice. We’re here for managers who want to learn new techniques or those who are unsure about where to start. We are here to help you navigate the learning journey so you have the strongest possible team.

Whether you’re a room leader, director or operations manager you’ll find our learning experiences jampacked with the latest research, practical ideas and step-by-step solutions to help you lead and manage your team. We’re looking forward to helping you navigate the path forward and joining you on the journey.

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We run programs all over Australia and NZ. For booking and more information call 1300 366 896 or email us at education@farranstreet.com.au