5 New Year’s resolutions for 2018

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It’s this time of year when we’re encouraged to set goals and chart a new path forward. Eat healthier, get more exercise and save money always tend to be at the top of the list. Let’s look at 5 resolutions you can make to help your team succeed in 2018.

1.Get Fit

We’re on our feet all the time however, 2018 is a great time to get fit with your team. You can use an activity tracker like Fitbit to track your activity during the day. Get started with a Fitbit Group for your team. Maybe even a Fitbit challenge. Fitbit not your style? What about a walking group? Each week Educators get a day with 10min extra on their break to walk around a local park. Build fitness and team morale in one go.

2. Become Flexible

Your team will have people with a variety of strengths, backgrounds, personalities and work styles. To be the most effective leader, you’ll need to modify your leadership style to accommodate the needs of each team member. Being flexible means modifying your approach to create an environment where your staff can thrive.  It’s not playing favourites, it’s supporting high performance.

3. Develop Strong Teams

One person alone cannot steady the ship.  It requires a small team of committed individuals to chart the path forward. Services that succeed have a team of leaders who support each other’s decisions and commit to exceeding expectations. Develop a team of supporters around you and you’ll see huge changes in the morale of the team.

4. Be Mindful

Not everything is going to go to plan. Be mindful, new leaders are going to make mistakes. You’ll need to be mindful and compassionate in your approach. Your role as a leader is to serve your team. Eventually, to make yourself replaceable, teach people well so one day, they can supersede you.

5. Learn a new language

Make 2018 the language of Character Strengths. When you learn the language of character strengths, you talk about what is right with people. Your words will bring them energy, and help them be engaged. There are 24 character strengths, and when you learn to talk in terms of strengths, they’ll feel more motivated, more energised and more connected in your team.



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