Don’t plan your 2018 meeting dates before reading this!

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Meetings tend to be the bugbear of both staff and managers alike. As you begin the year it might be a nice time to reflect on how to get the most out of your meetings.

Below are 3 do’s and don’ts for having effective meetings.


1. General Reminders

Team meetings are NOT for general reminders. “I’d like to remind everyone to supervise correctly.”  “Don’t forget to wear your hat.” General reminders in a large group setting do nothing but decrease morale and promote an autocratic environment

2. Tell off the Entire Team

Team meetings are not an opportunity to tell off the entire team for what one or two people may have been doing wrong. “A few people have been coming in late…can everyone please remember to come in on time.” Telling off the entire team creates a culture of blame and intimidation.

3.  Have large group discussion

Large group discussions seldom succeed in getting the best ideas from your team. Often large group discussions can become confrontational and often only the loudest people are heard. Not everyone operates best in a large group environment.


1.  Celebrate Achievements

Whole team meetings are a great opportunity to celebrate achievements from Educators. Staff meetings should be an opportunity to present best practice from around the service and highlight great work. Remember: What you focus on is what you get more of.

2.  Generate Discussion

Team meetings are a great opportunity to generate discussion and capture ideas from the team. Use a 3 step process to make sure everyone feels included. 1. Individual brainstorm, 2. Small group discussion. 3 large group discussion. Using this process will ensure everyone has a chance to thrive.

3.  Learning and Development

Team meetings are a great opportunity for learning and development. Allow Educators to specialise in areas of interest and use team meetings as an opportunity for them to share their knowledge with the broader team. Team meetings are also a great opportunity to have a guest speaker or run a training session.

With these simple tips, your meetings will be loved not loathed and you’ll get the best from your team.