5 Things to say in your appraisal that will make your nominated supervisor love you. 

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Each year appraisals are dreaded by Educators and Managers alike. But they don’t have to be! Appraisals should be a culmination of feedback given throughout the year and an opportunity to re-set expectations. If you want to receive an outstanding appraisal here are 5 statements to keep you at the top of the pile.


  1. “This year I’ve spent time helping other Educators”


Informal coaching and mentoring of Educators in your team is going to almost guarantee you an amazing appraisal. If you’ve taken time during the year to help other Educators who may have been struggling or if you implemented change and inspired the team on the journey, then it will show your manager you’re a team player.


  1. “This year I’ve learnt new skills”


Educators who focus on personal growth and development tend to be in the top 10% of high performers. Stating that you’ve learnt new skills in your role shows you’re adopting a “willing to learn” attitude rather an “I know it all” attitude.



  1. “I’ve achieved my goals we set last year”


Each year many of us set goals for the following year. High performing Educators make sure that they’ve achieved these goals. They make sure that the personal goals they set link to their room goals and their services’ goals.



  1. “This year I’d like to grow in my role”


Taking control of your professional development and career progression is key to receiving a great appraisal. Perhaps you’d like to specialise in technology or sustainability. Perhaps you’d like to develop your advocacy skills or take time to establish your professional identity.


  1. “What can I do to exceed your expectations for next year?”


Asking this question shows that you’re driven to be great at your role. It also reminds your manager that in order for you to demonstrate high performance they need to clearly articulate their expectations.


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