Leadership – it’s definitely not all in the name.

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Leadership – it’s definitely not all in the name.

Ask … Am I really being the Inspirational Leader my team needs?  Because authority, seniority and prior performance simply don’t qualify us as a Leader.

Look…We need to take a courageous look at ourselves, do we have an inspiring leadership identity?  Can we define it?

Do we; inspire, empower and serve those who we ‘Lead’?  Is the result of our actions, a tangible improvement for individuals and the whole team?

Do we foster relationships with those in our team? Relationships require great discipline, hard work, energy, learning and the commitment to others.

Are we seen as a trusted advisor?  Trust is the pivotal concept of inspirational Leadership.

The trust in you, of others, that you will be there, for the successes and the failures.

Trust is like the bend in a tree branch. Relationships built on trust will bend under the strain of stress and pressure, but when the stress subsides the relationship bounces back.  Without trust, the branch snaps and the relationship fails.

We must resist the urge to think of ourselves first. We must make it our priority to think of others. We must set high standards, then work tirelessly to coach people towards exceeding them.

Leadership skills are an investment, we need to invest in ourselves and by default our team. An inspiring leader understands that after stress will come quiet, after fear will come freedom and after confusion, clarity will appear.

We can’t possibly know it all, we need to lead with humility, defer to others, show vulnerability and put our hand up when we need help.

We have the power in our words to motivate and inspire and this is the true sign of an Inspirational Leader.


About the Author:

Adrian Pattra is a management consultant with a Master of Education (Ed. Psychology). He is currently facilitating a groundbreaking webinar series designed for EC and OSHC managers “The Early Childhood Management Series”