5 New Team Habits To Create A Winning Culture V2

Building Better Teaching Teams

Discover The 5 Essential Team Habits For A Winning Culture 

Picture this: a service where responsibility is never dodged, motivation is abundant, and positive attitudes radiate from every Educator.

In a world where everyone seems to be out for themselves, this can feel like a distant dream.

We all have bad habits, even if we’re unaware we do. Luckily, by removing those bad habits and replacing them with positive ones, you can create a work environment where success is a certainty  – not a fantasy.


Habits Change The World

Good habits have the power to change our thinking and in turn, radically change our reality. Every Educator needs to understand this.

“It was someone else’s job,” “it wasn’t my fault”, and “I didn’t do it” are evasive, and not habits that create a high-performing team.

Instead, these are the words of Educators who underperform due to poor attitudes. So what can be done?

Our team workshop “Between the Flags” will equip your Educators with the mindset, tools, and attitude to succeed.

In just two hours, we teach 5 powerful habits to boost morale, spark your team’s positivity and accelerate personal accountability. 


Between The Flags

A Blueprint For Workplace Positivity, Accountability, and Authenticity 

In this workshop, we explore how individual attitudes can affect team performance and new ways Educators can support each other to remain positive and future-focused. These strategies improve teamwork, communication, and connection across the board.

Here’s how:

  • Exploring Personal Accountability 

Each participant will complete a self-assessment to inspire them to think differently about personal accountability and how it can benefit themselves and their team.

  • Uncover Hidden Keys to Positivity

We’ll teach you the 10 hidden elements that build trust and spark positivity for a working environment that excels in the face of adversity.

  • Become Impeccable With Your Word

Educators will learn that keeping their word and honouring their promises is vital to following through with optimism and keeping needless negativity at bay.

  • Turn Obstacles Into Opportunity

This is all about learning to push through challenges and finding a way to get the job done. This way, blame takes a back seat and big ideas are able to grow.

What You Need to Know 

What: Between The Flags

Where: We come to you

Duration: 2 hours

When: After-hours

By the end, your educators will have a clear view of attitudes and behaviours to support the success of the entire team.


Helping Your Team Take Ownership

We come to you and work with your whole team. In 2 hours, we’ll kick start a nurturing, supportive culture of accountability. Flood your team with motivation and positivity with our in-house workshop – specifically designed for Early Childhood and OSHC Teams. 

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