5 New Team Habits To Create A Winning Culture V2


How is your team doing?

We have a workshop to help your Educators – as a group – say goodbye to blame, excuses and denial, and hello to a new, winning team culture.

In just 2-hours the “Between the Flags” PD workshop will create brand new positive habits for your team.

Created by Adrian Pattra specifically for the early childhood and OSHC sector.  Adrian’s credentials and in depth understanding of our sector are unrivalled.

When negativity and bad habits creep into a team the result is inevitably disfunction.  Understanding this is the premise of ‘Between the Flags’.

Poor attitudes promote poor performance – “It was someone else’s job” – “it wasn’t my fault” – “I didn’t do it.”

We will guide your team to positive attitudes, where everyone contributes responsibility, accountability, and motivation, to create the environment where success is inevitable!

Through this workshop, your Educators as a team, will discover what they need to succeed


“Between the Flags” is designed to create 5 brand-new habits.

  1. Positive Attitudes
  2. Personal Responsibility
  3. Ownership
  4. Solution Focused
  5. Respect

We explore how individual attitudes can affect team performance. We discover new ways Educators can support each other and remain positive and future-focused. We look at strategies to improve teamwork, trust, communication, and connection.

Between The Flags

In just 2-hours, we’ll kick start a positive, supportive culture of accountability.

Witness the change – during the session – as understanding dawns on individuals and the group.  See the boost to morale, the spark in positivity and accelerated personal accountability – your team is again excited to work together.

Designed by Educators for Educators, ‘Between the Flags’ will take your team to the next level.  We come to you and work with your whole team, at a time to suit you!

What You Need to Know 

What: Between The Flags
Where: We come to you
Duration: 2 hours
When: After-hours
Who: Your whole team

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