Behaviour Management

Behaviour Management Workshop


Seminars for LDC Educators

These seminars are great for educators.

Managing difficult behaviours can be challenging for staff. Educators are constantly looking for practical strategies and useful suggestions on managing difficult behaviours.

The presentation will focus on common challenging behaviours in young children (e.g sleeping, eating, tantrums) and strategies, which are useful in modifying these behaviours.

Participants will gain understanding in:

  •  The manner in which challenging behaviours develop and are maintained
  •  Strategies to modify unacceptable behaviours.
  •  Strategies to deal with specific behavioural issues.
  •  How to modify one’s own behaviour in order to encourage positive behaviour in children.
  • Developmental Stages and how they effect behaviour
  • Making Reward Charts and Using Settling Time
  • Eating Concerns and how to talk to families
  • ADD or ADHD in Early Childhood

Consider this:

Peta, a 4 year old, has recently started being distressed when mother brings her to the service – she usually settles down 20 minutes.  How would you deal with this?

If Peta was 2 years old and was crying for more than hour, how would you deal with this differently?

This workshop uses fun, interactive case studies, to help Educators work together and solve common problems.

For bookings use the form at the end of the page or phone 0413 319 196

Seminar for OSHC Educators

Consistency is king, consider the following:

Jessie is 11 years old, in 6th class. She yells an obscenity at a 9 year old when he tries to retrieve something from the 6th class room. When spoken to by a staff member about this behaviour she walks away ignoring him. This is not the first time she has done this.

Would all your staff handle it the same way?

In this presentation specifically designed for OSHC educators Dr Hartman looks at how carers can set limits and also function as a friend.

It’s this balance which creates respect.

In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll discuss

  • Simple strategies to deal with behavioural  issues
  • How developmental stages guides your responses
  • Rewards systems – do they work?
  • Settling time and how to use it effectively
  • Causes of bullying
  • ADHD and it’s links to learning
  • How to manage aggressive behaviour
  • Causes of tantrums and inappropriate language
  • and MUCH much more

For bookings email or phone 0413 319 196

(Currently, these seminars are for services located in NSW only.)

Facilitator: Dr Steve Hartman
Dr Steve Hartman trained as a Paediatrician at Sydney Children's Hospital and has been a Consultant Paediatrician for 28 years. He has also completed extensive studies at the Institute of Family Therapy of Australia and the Institute of Psychiatry.
 He is a well-respected speaker and has given many workshops and lectures on behaviour management. Dr Hartman has an extensive experience over many years working with individual families and children with behavioural issues, as well as personal parental experience. Over this time he has learnt simple practical methods work best with young children.