Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between

Manage Staffing Issues like a pro!

Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between

Managing and leading Educators can be difficult and frustrating. For many it’s a constant and time-consuming battle, dealing with one issue after another.

This full-day management workshop will help you maximise your time by managing staffing issues like a pro.

In the session you’ll learn how to recruit superstars, grow high performers, and learn how to whip your poor performers into shape.

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During the session we’ll:​


We’re in the midst of a staffing crisis. In the workshop, we explore how to find the best Educators in 2022. We’ll look at secret strategies you can use to find exceptional staff. We’ll explore the top 5 ways to stop relying on ‘Seek’ and tap into the undiscovered network of applicants.

It’s easy to see why it feels like you’re constantly training new Educators, as many can fall off the wagon when they pass probation. We’ll explore what questions to ask during recruitment so you won’t feel like you’re constantly training new employees.

Managing performance doesn’t have to be a battle. Performance reviews can help to set goals and motivate staff. We learn how to link performance reviews with rewards, which will keep all your employees on the straight and narrow!

Sometimes good things must come to an end. Sometimes relationships need to end in the best interest of both parties. In this workshop we’ll walk through step-by-step how to terminate employment and manage staff transitioning out of the service.

This program has been specifically designed for Ed Leaders, 2ICs, Nominated Supervisors, Coordinators, Managers and Approved Providers.

After the workshop you will be able to:

Easily attract and retain superstar Educators to work at your service.

Keep things running smoothly by on-boarding and inducting for high performance.

Keep Educators challenged and motivated with appraisals.

Maximise your time by dealing with staffing issues quickly and effectively.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll see that managing staff can be a positive pain-free experience and you’ll be able to spend more time mentoring and less time managing.

Who is this program designed for?
The programs are specifically designed for leaders and managers in the early childhood and OSHC sector.

Is it NESA registered?
The programs hours can be logged as elective PD hours.

Can I be invoiced for the session?
Yes, just select pay by invoice.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, you’ll receive a certificate at the completion of the session. It will be emailed to the participant email address you used to register with.

What kind of support can I expect after the workshop?
All programs include phone and email support.

Is food and drink provided?
These programs cover a lot of content and move very quickly. There will be short working breaks during the day to help you re-charge.