Leadership Essentials – In House

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In-House Leadership Essentials

The in-house Leadership Essentials workshop will give your team the tools they need to be successful leaders.

Motivation, inspiration, and communication are key ingredients to lead teams to success!

This workshop covers the essentials to help your room leaders step up and create a high performing team.

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Delegation and
  • Feedback + much more

After the workshop your room leaders will be able to:

  • Use strategies to lead and manage various working styles
  • Promote motivation both within teams and individually
  • Have difficult conversations and give feedback
  • Build trust and rapport for stronger team relationships

and most importantly they will be able to

  • Manage, motivate and inspire their teams.

Ideal for both new and experienced leadership teams. These workshops are specifically designed for Children’s Services teams.

Choose from 2 great programs:


These workshops will help you achieve consistency across your Leadership team. This workshop will help your leaders step up and become respected and admired.

We come to you, afternoons (4pm – 8pm), Saturdays or PD days. Sessions can be split over several days if preferred. We can come to you, or we can take your team off-site for an hour or a whole weekend, the choice is yours!

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