Leadership Essentials

Learn how to manage, motivate and inspire your team.

Leadership Essentials

This workshop is the definitive guide on how to manage, motivate and inspire your team!

This workshop will help you give clear expectations, deliver great feedback and delegate appropriately.

This workshop covers the fundamentals needed to become a credible, confident leader who’s respected and admired.

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During this session we'll:


We’ll explore various practical models of Leadership, and you’ll discover your very own style. We’ll unpack case studies on how you can use your style to establish credibility and lead people who have different styles than you do.

We’ll explore self-determination theory and the role Autonomy, Competency and Belonging have in creating happy, engaged and motivated teams.  We’ll look at simple strategies you can use to help your team get excited about quality improvement.

Difficult team members can bring down the entire team! We’ll look at straightforward short-term strategies to manage difficult behaviours and uncover the psychological basis of why people behave the way they do.

This program has been specifically designed for Assistants, Room Leaders, Ed Leaders, Nominated Supervisors, Coordinators, Managers and Approved Providers.

After the workshop you will be able to:

Use strategies to lead and manage various working styles.

Promote motivation to inspire and engage your team.

Have difficult conversations and give feedback.

Build trust and rapport for stronger team relationships.

By the end of this workshop, once-difficult conversations will seem like a breeze, and you’ll be able to de-escalate conflict by building positive, respectful relationships with your team. As you begin to practice the skills, you’ll become a credible, confident leader who’s respected and admired.

Who is this program designed for?
The programs are specifically designed for leaders and managers in the early childhood and OSHC sector.

Is it NESA registered?
The programs hours can be logged as elective PD hours.

Can I be invoiced for the session?
Yes, just select pay by invoice.

Will I receive a certificate?
Yes, you’ll receive a certificate at the completion of the session. It will be emailed to the participant email address you used to register with.

What kind of support can I expect after the workshop?
All programs include phone and email support.

Is food and drink provided?
These programs cover a lot of content and move very quickly. There will be short working breaks during the day to help you re-charge.