The Educator Leadership Academy


The Educator Leadership Academy uncovers what it means to be an amazing leader. In this groundbreaking 2-month program, we explore the fundamentals of leadership and how they can be applied to your teaching practice.

This program will give you the foundation to be a respected and admired leader who feels confident in their leadership style.

“This series was very worthwhile and has given me the confidence to tackle tricky situations”  Jackie J.  Director – Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre

What is in this leadership program?

The Educator Leadership Academy comprises of five (5) key modules covering the foundations to effective and inspiring leadership.

The 5 core modules are:

  • Leadership

Learn how to be an inspiring leader and discover the leadership style that makes you respected and admired.

  • Motivation

Uncover the 3 secrets to creating a highly motivated and engaged teaching team.

  • Feedback

Learn a simple positive step-by-step process for delivering effective feedback.

  • Delegation

Manage your team like a pro, by developing a clear strategy on what, and when to delegate.

  • Assertiveness

Master powerful assertiveness strategies that allow you to take charge of any situation.

The Educator Leadership Academy is designed for Educators looking to step up into leadership roles and experienced leaders who are looking to refine their practice. This program is designed to complement formal studies at either diploma or degree level.

The Educator Leadership Academy will provide you with a fresh approach to managing staff, and will allow you to enjoy the rewards of great leadership. The Educator Leadership Academy allows you to achieve goals you never thought possible.

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When you subscribe to The Educator Leadership Academy you will receive access to TELA online portal. This includes links to the live and interactive webinars, webinar recordings, in-depth articles, activities to do with your team, case studies, and additional videos and resources.

Each module in The Educator Leadership Academy is delivered via a live, interactive webinar.

  1. Leadership Orientations in Children’s Services
  2. Motivating ECEC Teams
  3. How To Give Amazing Feedback Every Time
  4. Successful Delegation – Giving Instructions and Getting Things Done
  5. Speaking Without Shaking – The Art Of Assertive Communication

All webinars have a “watch it live” or “watch it later” guarantee.  This means you can watch and participate in the webinar live in real-time or you can watch a recording of the webinar at a time to suit you.

PDF Outline

In this subscription you receive:

  • Access to all 5 LIVE and interactive, 45-minute online leadership webinars
  • 3 X 30 minute 1:1 follow up coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support for the term of the program
  • Access to all webinar recordings
  • Workbooks, case studies and in-depth articles
  • Certificates


You’ll receive access to all leadership webinars PLUS 3 x 30 minute, 1:1 phone coaching sessions to help you successfully implement these skills into your practice.

You can use these optional coaching sessions to explore topics discussed in the webinar or to help you manage real-life specific situations from your service.

The webinars build skills and coaching builds confidence and self-esteem.

Who is this leadership program suitable for?

  • Room leaders
  • Educational leaders
  • Experienced childhood educators and teachers
  • Experienced and new service directors and managers
  • Coordinators, Supervisors and Area Managers

This program has limited places available. Register today to reserve your place.

Subscription Details

The Educator Leadership Academy

When: Click here for dates
Duration: 2 Months
Prerequisites: None
How: Online and phone
When: During work hours or after hours
Assessments: Case Studies
Cost: $495 + GST


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The Educator Leadership Academy will contribute 6 hours and 30mins of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.3.2 and 7.2.2 from the APST towards maintaining proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


Are there assignments? 

There are no assignments. Each module comes with coursework which includes case- studies, in-depth articles and activities you can do with your team.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Most people complete the course in under 2 months.  On average people spend approx 1 hour per week completing the coursework.

When are the webinars scheduled?

The first webinar is held live at 10am on the first day of the program. They then run on the same day and time for the remaining 4 consecutive weeks (5 weeks in total). 75% of participants choose not to watch the live webinar and to watch a recording of the webinar at a time to suit them.

Are the coaching phonecalls optional?

Yes, they are optional. If you are an NSW teacher maintaining your NESA proficient teacher accreditation then the coaching phone calls are mandatory for your registered hours to be logged.

What happens during the coaching phonecalls?

We’ll chat about how you’re going in your role. We’ll set some goals and look at how we can practice some of the skills we’ve discussed in the webinar. They are very casual and relaxed phone calls, like chatting with your best friend on the phone!