The Trusted Team

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A Team Engagement and Strengths Workshop specifically designed for Early Childhood and OSHC teams.

This team workshop is designed to promote trust and grow an open engaged and positive team. The Trusted Team workshop allows your team to work more collaboratively, solve problems more creatively and see the bigger picture.

 Workshop Outline

In this 2-hour workshop you’ll learn how to;

  • Harness individual Character Strengths for growth and development
  • Spot the dangers of overusing and underusing Strengths
  • Rebuild relationships when strengths clash

Finally, you’ll learn how to;

  • Spot strengths in others to help your team become more positive and open to change and the best they can be.

 PDF Outline

Celebrate Strengths

The workshop explores our top character strengths; both individually and as teams.

Character strengths are the ingredients for living our best life, professionally and personally. High performing teams tend to focus on strengths and build on what’s right, rather than focusing on what’s not working and frustrating them.

Teams who focus on strengths tend to be more collaborative, solve problems more creatively and see the bigger picture.

By exploring character strengths your team can start to be more innovative, more productive and more energised so they can deliver exceptional service to your children and families.

Which are your signature Educator strengths?

You’ll discover and explore your signature Educator strengths during the workshop.

After the workshop you’ll find your team:

  • Supports each other in the team goals and efforts
  • Enjoys work more and have deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Focuses on each others strengths and celebrates successes
  • Promotes genuine collaboration and works together better
  • Are more positive and effective problem solvers

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Help your team be confident, harmonious and happy so they can deliver an exceptional service and be fantastic at what they do.

Move your team from functioning to flourishing!

What: The Trusted Team
Where: At your service
Duration: 2 hours
When: After hours

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