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Help Your Team Work Together Bettereone

Improve Communication and Reduce Conflict


Working in a team can be difficult. Working in a fast paced environment, as we do, can often create miscommunications and frustrations, causing even the most experienced Educators to unravel!

Let us help bring back the laughter, excitement, and positivity to your team.

“Understanding Yourself and Others”

A fun 2-hour onsite workshop designed specifically for Children’s Services teams.

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All Educators are unique!

Some of us enjoy basking in the glow of the limelight while others are very uncomfortable with public displays of praise.

Helping your team identify and respect different working styles is a fundamental component of creating high performing and harmonious teams.

In the workshop, we unpack the four main working styles;

  • Analytical (The Owl)
  • Driver (The Eagle)
  • Amiable (The Dove)
  • and Expressive (The Peacock)

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  1. Analytical (Owl)

The analytical personality type is very profound and thoughtful.  Analyticals are detail focused and they are self-disciplined. Analyticals’ weaknesses are that they can be moody, critical and negative. Analyticals can be indecisive and they over-analyse everything.


  1. Driver (Eagle)

Drivers have a dynamic and direct working style. They exude confidence and move very quickly to action. On the weak side, the driver can be insensitive, unsympathetic, harsh, proud and sarcastic. They can also rush to a decision without thoroughly thinking it through.


  1. Amiable (Dove)

The amiable working type is very patient and well-balanced. They are quiet team players, very sympathetic, kind, and do not like to offend people. They’re diplomatic and calm. But on the weak side, their aversion to offence and conflict can also manifest as a weakness.


  1. Expressive (Peacock)

Expressives are the social specialist because they love to have fun. They are individuals who turn disaster into humour. On the strong side, the expressive is very outgoing and easily engaged. On the weak side, they can be disorganized, undisciplined, loud, and lose interest quickly.


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This workshop will help your team appreciate how different styles communicate, give feedback, make decisions and respond to conflict. It will help them generate respect and acceptance for opposing styles.

Give your team the boost they need!

Replace your next team meeting with an experience that can help your team work together better.

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