Walking the Tightrope – Practical management Solutions for Nominated Supervisors


In this brand-new 4-hour workshop, we’ll explore how to effectively manage and lead your teaching team.

Join us in exploring the five key ingredients to growing, nurturing and leading engaged and high performing teams. We’ll explore how amazing managers can promote a culture of accountability in their service and hold Educators accountable for their tasks.

Miscommunication, gossip and alliances can destroy even the best service culture. We’ll uncover how you can help your team communicate better and celebrate each other’s success.

Finally, we’ll discuss how giving instructions kills motivation and how great managers use influence and respect to build high performing teams.

Throughout the workshop, we will explore common mistakes leaders make and you will hear funny stories about those who have tried and failed, as well as inspirational tales about those who have taken the challenge head-on and won!

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1. Creating Strong Teaching Teams.

Miscommunication and room alliances can destroy even the best service culture. In this workshop we learn how you can structure your team to set them up for success.


2. Holding Educators Accountable.

Not me. Wasn’t my fault. I didn’t do it. These are catch phrases of Educators who claim no accountability. In this topic, we learn how to encourage behaviours that is between the flags and manage behaviour that goes beyond the flags.


3. Cultivating Trust in Teams.

Gossip and a lack of trust can undermine leaders in a service. In this topic, we explore the 10 trust essentials and how great managers can promote trust and respect in the service to bring out the best in each other.


4. Developing Respect to Drive Performance.

Telling Educators what to do, kills motivation and initiative. Learn how great managers use influence and respect to build high performing teams.


After this workshop, you will be able to lead your team with confidence using influence and respect. Challenges that once seemed unmanageable will appear easy to overcome. Walking the Tightrope is a funny and powerful workshop which will leave you full of new ideas and a clear path forward to success.


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Adrian Pattra is a professional educator with a Master of Education (Ed. Psychology) as well as a Bachelor of Adult Education (Human Resources).
Adrian works with some of Australia’s and the world’s most recognisable brands. He facilitates cultures of continuous learning by providing the tools to improve competency and learning frameworks
With over 15-years of experience, Adrian is a well-respected professional educator, both in the Early Childhood and Corporate sectors. Together with his family Adrian owns and operates a long day care centre in Sydney’s lower north shore.
He is a passionate and fun loving educator. The workshop draws on his experience as well as proven theoretical models and practical step-by-step strategies.