Empower Your Team with the 10 Past 10 Morning Briefing

Empower Your Team with the 10 Past 10 Morning Briefing

May 15, 2023

As a nominated supervisor, your days are filled with delivering important messages to various teams, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication. However, there is a game-changing strategy that can revolutionize how you manage these morning briefings and empower your team to excel.

Introducing the 10 Past 10 Meeting — a dynamic and efficient approach that will transform your mornings and enhance collaboration throughout your organization.

The 10 Past 10 meeting is a daily gathering specifically designed for Room Leaders and the Nominated Supervisor. Taking place promptly at 10:10 am, this brief but focused meeting serves as a valuable opportunity to align on plans and priorities for the day ahead. With a duration of approximately 15 minutes, this dedicated time ensures that the right individuals receive the right information precisely when it is needed. By facilitating effective communication and coordination, the 10 Past 10 meeting sets the stage for a well-informed team ready to tackle the day’s tasks with clarity and purpose.

You can have the meeting in an office, the hallway or imagine the time saved by delivering a concise and impactful morning briefing over an intercom system. Within a matter of minutes, your room leaders will be armed with all the vital information they need to start their day. This efficient method allows you to reach all areas of your organization simultaneously, eliminating the need for repetitive communication.

The messages go to the Room Leader not the “room.” By entrusting your room leaders with passing on the morning briefing’s key messages, you empower them to take ownership and become effective communicators within their teams. This delegation not only enhances their leadership skills but also fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability.

The 10 Past 10 Meeting creates a shared experience that unifies your teams. As your room leaders disseminate the information to their respective teams, discussions and exchanges of ideas can take place, fostering collaboration and encouraging innovative problem-solving. This approach strengthens the bonds between team members and promotes a positive and cohesive working environment.

With the morning briefing providing a consolidated overview of the day’s important details, your team members can proactively plan and organize their tasks. Absenteeism, family messages, shift changes, and any other critical updates are efficiently communicated, enabling everyone to start their day on the right foot.

Sample Agenda:

  1. Educator Concerns

Begin the meeting by addressing any specific concerns or topics relevant to the day’s activities. Encourage room leaders to share any insights, challenges, or successes they have experienced in their rooms.

  1. Parent concerns

Allow room leaders to share any relevant messages from parents or guardians, such as special instructions, schedule changes, or updates about a child’s well-being. This promotes transparency and ensures that the entire team is aware of important information.

  1. Sign In’s

 Discuss sign-in’s for Educators and Children. Address and highlight any specific issues or reminders related to attendance.

  1. Events

Highlight upcoming events, such as excursions, incursions, trips, celebrations, or parent events. Provide necessary details, including dates, times, and preparations required from the team. Encourage room leaders to collaborate with their teams and coordinate logistics for successful event execution.


  1. Programming and Breaks

Highlight any changes in rosters or shifts. Ensure that all team members are aware of who will be working in their respective areas, promoting a smooth transition and effective handover between shifts.

  1. Reminder on Focus Areas

Revisit any specific focus areas that require attention or improvement. This can include areas such as behavioural strategies, documentation practices, or implementing new policies. Provide guidance, resources, and support to room leaders to ensure that these focus areas are given due importance throughout the day.

  1. Updates for the cook

Share any updates or important information related to the kitchen or meal services. This can include dietary restrictions, special requests, or changes in menu. Encourage room leaders to communicate relevant information to their teams and ensure that all dietary requirements and allergies are properly documented and addressed.

  1. Celebrate Achievements:

Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, milestones, or outstanding efforts of team members. Recognize individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond in their roles. This fosters a culture of appreciation and motivates staff to continue delivering exceptional work.


The 10 Past 10 Morning Briefing meetings introduce a serene atmosphere within your service, creating a haven of calm amidst the bustling environment. By delivering important messages in a concise and organized manner, these meetings eliminate the need for shouting or urgent last-minute communications. With information flowing smoothly through each room leader, miscommunication becomes a thing of the past. This newfound tranquillity allows your team to focus on their tasks with a sense of clarity and peace, ensuring a harmonious and productive work environment.

Adrian Pattra is a management consultant with a Master of  Education (Ed. Psychology). He is currently facilitating "The Early Childhood Management Series"

  1. Farran Street Education
    May 18, 2023

    Have you tried the 10past10's? Do they work at your service?

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  2. Alison Kiel
    May 18, 2023

    Oh I LOVE this! Will be introducing this idea at our weekly Centre Leadership Team tomorrow!!

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    • Farran Street Education
      July 4, 2023

      Love to hear how they went!

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