The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Educators: 11 Proven Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top Educators: 11 Proven Tips

April 11, 2023

Is no one clicking on your job ad?

In today’s competitive job market, attracting high-performing Educators is more important than ever.

With educator vacancies peaking at over 4,500 last year and only 42% of educators working full-time, finding innovative ways to create attractive job offers is essential to bringing in the best talent.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 11 great ways to recruit top Educators and encourage them to join your team.


1. Study Time

With 23% of Educators currently studying or upskilling you can invest in their development by offering paid study time. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Use ongoing paid PD and conferences to sweeten the deal. 

2. Above Award Salary and Bonuses  

Join the 20% of services that pay over the award to attract top talent and show you truly care. Salary speaks louder than words, offering performance-based bonuses or incentives shows your commitment to high performance. 


3. Protected Programming Time

Respect for Educators is the cornerstone of success. Offering Educators protected programming time (programming time that’s never cancelled, postponed, or truncated) shows you’re serious about keeping your promises and commitments.


4. Program from Home

Allowing Educators to program from home shows not only that you trust them but also allows them to have autonomy over how they do their best work.


5. Meet From Anywhere

Allow your Educators to attend your team meeting remotely. Having hybrid meetings allows Educator to manage their own time, attend and contribute to the meeting in a way that works for them.


6. Personal Interest Budget

Fuel your Educators passion with a $5,000 Personal Interest Budget. This enables them to pursue their unique passions and expertise. This investment not only ignites their enthusiasm but also elevates your services curriculum, fostering a mutually beneficial and dynamic professional environment.

7. Career Progression

Build your employer brand by showcasing your Educators career progression. The average tenure is 3.6 years, plants the seeds of inspiration for potential educators. Develop a clear career path for Educators within your organization and highlight success stories on social media.


8. Work-life balance

Be part of the change and offer flexible work options. 58% of Educators work less than full-time hours and are seeking flexibility. Try to break up full-time roles into part-time or flexible hours.


9. Build Belonging

Recognizing and rewarding high performance creates a culture of respect and a strong sense of purpose. The team that celebrates together, stays together. Put your teams’ celebrations front and centre for all to see.


10. Mentoring Educators

The average Educators has 7.2 years of experience. Connect the wisdom of experience with the energy of new ideas by creating a mentoring program. This will not only show you care but demonstrate investment in Educators’ well-being. 


11. Referal Bonuses

Harness the power of connections by using Educator and Family referral bonuses. This will help make your service stand out from 4,500+ vacancies. Long-term campaigns tend to have moderate success, however, short-term high-reward incentives work best. 

Hopefully, these 11 tips have provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for recruiting and retaining top educators.

There are always new ideas and strategies to explore. So, I invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas in the comments below. Let’s start a conversation.

About the Author:
Adrian Pattra is a management consultant with a Master of  Education (Ed. Psychology). To learn about how to attract, retain and manage Educators, sign up for our #1 rated management program for  Nominated Supervisors. “Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between.”



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