Understanding Yourself and Others

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A team building and communication workshop specifically designed for Early Childhood and OSHC teams.

Do you want to help your team work better together?

This in-service is designed for your entire team, providing them with insights into each other ’s personalities & exploring strategies to increase communication, cooperation & team effectiveness.

 Workshop Outcomes

In this workshop, we explore how your team functions as a group. How do they make decisions, perceive feedback, resolve conflict and communicate with each other?

After the workshop you’ll find your team has:

  • Genuine respect and acceptance of opposing personality styles
  • Increased collaboration and less aggressiveness
  • Reduced conflict with heightened understanding and more team harmony
  • Increased engagement and positivity

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Workshop Outline

In this practical 2 hour workshop, we’ll

  • Explore the essentials of an effective team
  • Complete an insightful personality self-assessment
  • Create practical tools to increase communication
  • Demonstrate strategies for effective interactions
  • Explore how we can interact to bring out the best in each other

PDF Outline

Which personality style are you?


We unpack how staff members interact. Why are some staff direct, aggressive and talk over the top of each other? Why are some staff reserved and don’t speak up?  We explore how these differences in personalities can create conflict and tear teams apart.

We look at tools and strategies to enable us to build positive relationships and bring out the best in each other. This workshop provides your team with a shared vocabulary to discuss their interactions with each other in a non-confrontational and future-focused way.

We come to you, at a time that suits you and train your entire team together onsite.

All workbooks and course materials, individual personality self-assessments and certificates are included.

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