May 14, 2022

10 Amazing Ways to Motivate Your Team

Keeping staff engaged and motivated can seem like an endless task. Just when you think you have your team on track, something always goes off the rails. The best way to support long-term motivation is… Continue Reading

April 20, 2022

9 Tips for Conducting Excellent Educator Appraisals

For many managers, performance appraisals are a stressful time in any service. Giving and receiving feedback can be awkward and uncomfortable. The good news is, with the right skills and the right approach, appraisals can… Continue Reading

March 28, 2022

Why You Should Open Your Leadership Umbrella

A junior educator is walking around being inducted by the centre manager. The centre manager sees a children’s book ripped on the floor, she picks up the book and throws it in the bin. “I… Continue Reading

March 14, 2022

The Four Common Personality Styles of Educators

Working in fast-paced teams can be challenging because each person has their own way of communicating and resolving conflict. There are 4 main personality styles of Educators, each one with their unique way of working.Understanding… Continue Reading


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